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Beautiful Islamic Wallpapers for Muslims

Top class free beautiful Islamic Wallpapers to download and fix them as your desktop background. Must share them with your friends. These are of high resolution and will be good-looking on your desktop. They show Islamic spirit and promote faith in the reality behind Islam. I hope you would like them.

Cute and mind-touching wallpapers. A man with the holiest book.
Probably it is dawn time and the believer is busy in reading the 
Holy Book.

Beautiful Muslim Islamic Wallpapers
A lady praying before Almighty God to be blessed upon her.
It really shows spirit and increases our faith in religion. Share them
with your friends and be the promoter.

Urdu Best SMS Ghazal - Lovely Poetry for SMS

Best Sad Ghazal In Urdu - Sad SMS for Mobile

SMS Sad Ghazal in Urdu - Urdu Sad Poetry for Mobile

Good Morning Wishes - Lovely SMS & Greeting

Beautiful Ghazal Poetry Urdu - Poetry for Mobile

Sad Urdu Ghazal Poetry - Ghamgeen Urdu Ghazal (Mohsin)

Beautiful Urdu Love Ghazal - Love Ghazal for Mobile SMS

Jumma Mubarak Images - Islamic Pictures

Jumma Mubarak Images

Jumma falls once in a week. Here are some Jumma Mubarak Images to share and be blessed. Jumma-tul-Widda is one of the most holidays in Islam. The Last Jumma of Ramzan is called Jumma-tul-Widda. It has great importance in religion Islam.

Jumma Mubarak Images and Hadith:

I think a Hadith regarding Jumma Mubarak will do better here than images. I hope you share this great knowledge.

ہم سے عبدان نے بیان کیا ، انہوں نے کہا کہ ہمیں عبداللہ بن مبارک نے خبر دی انہوں نے کہا کہ ہمیں ابن ابی ذئب نے خبر دی ، انہیں سعید مقبری نے ، انہیں ان کے باپ ابوسعید نے ، انہیں عبداللہ بن ودیعہ نے ، انہیں سلمان فارسی ؓ نے کہ رسول اللہ ﷺ نے فرمایا جس نے جمعہ کے دن غسل کیا اور خوب پاکی حاصل کی اور تیل یا خوشبو استعمال کی ، پھر جمعہ کے لیے چلا اور دو آدمیوں کے بیچ میں نہ گھسا اور جتنی اس کی قسمت میں تھی ، نماز پڑھی ، پھر جب امام باہر آیا اور خطبہ شروع کیا تو خاموش ہو گیا ، اس کے اس جمعہ سے دوسرے جمعہ تک کے تمام گناہ بخش دیئے جائیں گے ۔ 

Eid Cards 2012

Eid Cards 2012

Eid cards 2012 are worth-mentioning these days. Eid is the most important event in Islam. There are two Eid in a year. But some people (Sects) celebrate three Eids including Eid Milad-u-Nabi. Whatsoever, Eid is a holy day. When Ramzan starts almost every Muslim’s activities and routine get changed. They pay more and more attentions towards worships. As soon as Ramzan ends, The Holy Eid Day is celebrated. This is called Eid-ul-Fitr. Eid is celebrated for three days each. Eid-ul-Fitr is also called the Eid of Sweets. Eid cards are presented to each other on this day. Holidays by government are announced in every Muslim country for three days. People go to their relatives, on picnics and arrange other parties to enjoy the high-ranking day of Islam.

Download Free Eid Day Cards 2012

There are a lot of Eid Cards 2012 posted on my sites. For you guys I’ve posted some them. These cards are good in looking and free to choose. Multi-graphics, good color combination and full of love and affection. Free to download them.

Share Eid Cards 2012 Free

As you are charging nothing for these Eid Cards 2012, you should share these cards with every one whom you know. It is easy to share. You can have print of these Eid cards, E-mail them, and share on social networks or via MMS. Eid day is a day of love and sympathy; we must be honest and helpful to others. Spread love as much as you can. In the end, I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Eid Mubarak.



Independence Day of Pakistan - 14 August Wallpapers & logos

14 August Pakistan Independence Day - Wallpapers

Independence Day of Pakistan - After hundreds of years struggle, Pakistan was announced as a free country on 14 August 1947. It was not a movement that demanded no struggle and sacrifices. The Muslims of India shed their blood for their freedom. There was a catch-22 situation for the British whether to handle Sub-continent to Muslims or to the Hindus of Subcontinent. Muslims demanded that, hence rule over sub-continent was taken away from them so sub-continent should have been handed them over. On the other face, Hindus were in the majority in sub-continent. Thus it was decided that sub-continent should have been divided into two parts namely Pakistan and India. The Partition took place on 14 August Pakistan’s freedom and on 15 August India’s. Independence Day of Pakistan reminds us feelings of that time when the birth of Pakistan was taking place. This is the reason 14 August Independence Day wallpapers, logos, flags and national songs are shared and dedicated to each other.

Heroes of Independence Day of Pakistan

Independence of Pakistan is not associated with the struggle of a single person. There are many notable names with whose struggle the Greenland exists. Among the notable heroes who are saluted on Independence Day of Pakistan are Quaid-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Moulna Shabeer Ahmad Usmani, Moulana Muhammad Ali Johar, Moulana Shoukat Ali, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Agha Khan III, Fatimah Jinnah, Chaudary Khaliquzzaman, A.K. Fazlul Haq, Sardar Abdur Rab Nashter, Bi-Aman, Begum Nausrat Ullah and many more.

Independence Day of Pakistan Wallpapers

As it is apparent that every person is patriot by nature. People of Pakistan are also dedicated and loval to their country. They have proved on many occasions. Here I am sharing some beautiful Independence Day wallpapers of Pakistan. Share them if you like.


Independence Day of Pakistan Logos
You might have seen during Pakistan cricket matches spectators of Pakistan’s team painted their face with multi-colored logos. These logos are worth-seeing and full of love towards country. The mixture of Green and White colors presents a very good look. You may share one of the Independence Day of Pakistan logos posted below.



Jumma Mubarak Wallpapers | Images 2012

Jumma Mubarak Wallpapers 2012

Beautiful Jumma Mubarak Wallpapers 2012 have been collected and made available for free. These wallpapers are full of spirit and reality that Jumma is the holiest day.

Jumma Mubarak Wallpapers are shared on social networks, via mobile (MMS) to wish friends and family the valuable moments with sincerity. Off course, the day is highly appreciated in Islam.

Furthermore, Jumma Mubarak Wallpapers are searched on weekly bases, as matter of fact that Jumma (Friday) comes once in a week, so the search for the glory is noticed once in a week.

Jumma Mubarak Wallpapers




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14 August Independence Day Pakistan Wallpapers

14 August Independence Day of Pakistan Wallpapers
14 August Independence Day Pakistan, celebrated every year with great enthusiasm and patriotism. Pakistan was got free on this day from the British rule. For the Reason Pakistan’s government and civilians celebrate this day.

As a matter of fact, 14 August Independence Day of Pakistan wallpapers are liked and shared, gifted and appreciated. Heroes of Pakistan are given tribute and their photos are considered the best wallpapers for 14 August. Some new 14 August Independence Day Pakistan wallpapers have been collected for you all.

14 August Independence Day Pakistan’s wallpapers are not only a thing which is notable. Pakistan’s flags, logos and green paintings are also notable things for this day. Schoolboys conduct function regarding 14 August and love is displayed for the motherland.




Free Beautiful Islamic Wallpaper Download

Urdu Ghazal | Poetry for Mobile SMS

14 August Wallpapers of Independence Day of Pakistan – Photographs

Wallpapers for Independence Day of Pakistan

Nice and newly created Wallpapers of Independence Day of Pakistan. Importance of this day is apparent and we know the eagerness of Independence Day. This is also apparent why people love their country and why sacrifice for country. Wallpapers for Independence Day of Pakistan are also the cause to show love measure for the green homeland.

Officially declared holiday throughout the country is an evidence to show love towards country. Logos of Pakistan, flags of Pakistan and Wallpapers of Independence Day of Pakistan are shared, brought and presented on this day. People salute the heroes of Pakistan’s Freedom Movement and give them value by presenting them in good photographs. Here are new Wallpapers for Independence Day of Pakistan 2012.

Wallpapers for Independence Day of Pakistan have been posted here in order to show the same spirit for the homeland as every citizen does. Motherland is like a home, country is like a mother, so loving country is a natural phenomena. Share these Wallpapers for Independence Day of Pakistan.




14 August Independence Day Wallpapers | Photos Independence Day

14 August Independence Day Wallpapers

14 August Independence Day Wallpapers and logos are generally searched on web and shared with enthusiasm. Pakistan was appeared on the map of the world on 14 August 1947, therefore, this day celebrated with government interest and a holiday is announced by the government side.

Photos of Independence Day are created and shared to remember that day and be grateful to God for blessing freedom. With green colors and paints, Pakistan Independence Day Wallpapers, flags and logos are generated and the day is made joyful. This time, 14 August is in Ramazan and Pakistan was also created in Ramazan on this day.

Hence Photos of Pakistan’s Independence Day are the main searches of browsers on web. Many people sing national songs and Picnic Parties are also noticed towards sea-sides, adding more fun into the day and Quaid-e-Azam Tomb is considered a central place to enjoy and feel the day.
So share these 14 August Independence Day Wallpapers with friends and family.




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14 August Pakistan Independence Day Wallpapers 2012

14 August Independence Day - Wallpapers 2012

2012 Eid ul Fitr day nice cards

2012 Eid ul Fitr day nice cards

2012 Eid ul Fitr day cards are shared and for this purpose, Eid day cards are searched a great deal. I have collected many cards for you all. These
Eid Day Cards are not only beautiful and full of best wishes but also very beautiful and eye-catching. Multi-colors, nice graphics and suitable to share with every kind of relative. I have posted them in full size as well if you need to download. In case of sharing directly, you can have only a click on the desired social site which I have made available for. For full size, just click "View in Large Size" below each card.

2012 Eid ul Fitr day nice cards

Why 2012 Eid Ul Fitr day Cards important?

As we know that Eid ul Fitr day cards are not only important to share with friends but they are important to share with every Muslim. Wishing Eid each other is a great deed and it improves love amongst us. For the purpose I have made you available many beautiful cards. Enjoy Eid with your friends and family and share them with everyone. Try your level best to make your Eid the best one.

2012 Eid ul Fitr day nice cards

 When Eid Ul Fitr Day is Celebrated?

Eid Ul Fitr Day is celebrated every year after Ramzan ends. It is possible that 2012 Eid ul Fitr day would be celebrated on 20 August 2012. It is one of the holiest days in Islamic calendar. Eid ul Fitr is considered as a gift from Allah, after practicing fasting for an entire month. Ramzan is amonth of fasting and worship is noticed from Muslims. At the end of Ramzan, Eid ul Fitr day is celebrated and specific events take place.

2012 Eid ul Fitr day nice cards
2012 Eid ul Fitr Day Cards
As I told you that EId is a holy and happy day. 2012 Eid ul Fitr Day cards are easily available here on my site to wish you and your family and whoever visits my site. I wish all the Muslims of the world, A happy Eid ul Fitr Day.