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Good Morning Messages & Wallpapers

Hi Friends, Good Morning messages are posted here for your pleasure.

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Deepest feeling of my heart while praying for  you & your family, May God convert your discomforts to comforts, your pains to gains, your minimum to maximum, your loss to profits, your tears to smiles, your sorrow to pleasures, your bad-wishers to well-wishers, your debits to credits and your good dreams to reality Everlasting (Amen).

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Attitude !
People say to me Improve yourself, How should I tell them that there is no scope of improvement in perfection.

  • Good Morning Messages & Wallpapers
    • Everything happens for a purpose. Our friendship was not an accident, God wanted me to get the best but unfortunately you got the best one.  More
    • A bird sitting on a tree is not afraid of branch breaking, because it is true that trust is not on the branch but on its wings. Believe in yourself and win the world.
    • Somewhere someone is surely made for you and God has decided a perfect time to make you meet that person. Till then, enjoy your own setting