Happy Christmas Poems 2012 - Xmas Lyrics & SMS 2012

By: Jenny
Great people always try to wish with great stuff. So Happy Christmas Poems 2012 are collected for my friends to wish with them and have the best of these poems for them. Happy Christmas SMS and many things are shared with you guys and I hope this festival would bring peace in your lives. Festivals are always given value and they bring smiles on our faces and we become more closer to our friends and those whom we care for. I hope these Happy Christmas 2012 Poems would bring happiness and love in your life.

I like These Christmas Poems So I shared with my friends to have the full benefits to me and my friends. I know that everything has its own value, this is the reason we always try to get from our efforts. If you have something nice like these Happy Christmas Poems 2012, share them with us. We would love to see something from you and would appreciate your efforts.

Happy Christmas Poems Lyrics

                        Christmas comes with children singing, 
                        Christmas comes with sleigh bells ringing, 
                        Christmas comes with frosty nights, 
                        Christmas comes with snowball fights.

                        Christmas comes with Santa Claus, 
                        Christmas comes with snowy floors, 
                        Christmas comes with robins and reindeer, 
                        Christmas comes with a hearty cheer.

                        Christmas comes with gold, frankincense
                        and myrrh, 
                        Christmas comes with Jesus' birth, 
                        Christmas comes with angels from afar, 
                        Christmas comes with a wondrous star.

                        Christmas comes now, at last, 
                        Christmas comes, like in the past, 
                        Christmas comes after such a long wait, 
                        Christmas comes and it will be great. 

Happy Christmas Poem 2012

Happy Christmas Poems 2012
Happy Christmas Poems 2012